FAQs on BET School and Covid-19

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What is a typical day like?

Students are expected to be on the school site by 08.35 and will start the day with their form tutor at 08.40. Students have five one hour lessons each day which begin at 09.00. Break time is 11.00 - 11.20 and lunch is 13.20 - 14.00. The day finishes at 15.00. Assemblies will take place during morning form time once a week.

What should I do if my child is absent from school?

We encourage all students to attend school 100% of the time. If your child is too unwell to come to school please contact the absence line (0208 943 0033, option 5) as soon as possible on every day of absence. If you are unsure whether to send your child in, please do so and we will contact you if they are too unwell to be in school.

We understand that children sometimes need to attend appointments and we would ask that these are scheduled outside of school times where possible. If this is not possible please send a note in with your child for their form tutor prior to the appointment.

Who are my points of contact?

For most issues your first point of contact will be your child’s form tutor via email. For more urgent or serious concerns you may wish to contact your child’s head of year or a member of the senior leadership team. For subject specific queries you can contact your child’s subject teacher or head of department. All staff email addresses can be found on our website.

If you wish to meet with a specific member of staff we are very happy to accommodate this. Please contact the member of staff via email or telephone to arrange a mutually agreeable time. Please bear in mind that there are times when there may not be a relevant member of staff available for an immediate meeting or phone call unless it is an emergency due to teaching commitments.

How will I be informed about my child’s progress?

Staff report predicted levels at regular intervals through the year. These are available for parents to view electronically. All year groups also have at least one parents’ evening a year where you can meet with your child’s subject teachers. As parents, you will also have access to the SIMS Parent App where you can see your child’s behaviour points, merits, detentions and punctuality. Show My Homework is also available for parents to interact with their child and support at home. Staff may also contact you via telephone or email should they have specific concerns or praise they want to share with you.

What happens if my child receives a detention?

Detentions can be given for poor behaviour, failure to hand in homework, failure to complete classwork, not following instructions, truanting lessons or lateness. Detentions may be set at break, lunch or after school. For detentions of 20 minutes or less we will not inform you in advance. For longer detentions you will have notice via Intouch. Detentions will be logged on SIMS. Failure to attend a detention may result in a longer one or an escalated sanction.

What equipment will my child need?

All students are expected to have a pencil case containing at least two blue or black pens, a pencil, a rubber and a ruler. Other pieces of equipment which would be beneficial are a calculator, highlighters and a glue stick. Students will also be responsible for remembering to bring in the correct exercise books for their subjects each day as well as their PE kit and any ingredients they may need for catering.

What is the EBacc?

The English Baccalaureate is a combination of subjects that the government think are important for all students to study. It is made up of English, maths, double science, a modern foreign language and a humanities subject (geography or history). At Teddington all students sit the EBacc (the exception being those on alternative provision).

What happens if my child is ill in school?

The school’s medical room is situated at reception. If your child feels unwell they need to ask their class teacher or tutor for note before going to student services. Here, a trained first aider will assess whether your child needs to be sent home. If this is the case, we will call you to either obtain permission to send them home alone or request that someone collects them. In some circumstances we can give paracetamol or hayfever medication, but only if we have your permission.

The school has several trained first aiders including some who are trained to operate the school’s defibrillator should this be required.

If your child has any regular medication they need to take such as a course of antibiotics or insulin we can look after this in a lockbox or a refrigerator. Students will need to administer their own medication, but can do so in the privacy of the school’s medical room.

If your child requires an asthma pump or Epi-Pen please ensure they carry these with them at all times.

It is vital that we have up to date medical information so please complete the medical form as soon as possible and return it to reception.

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