Teddington School is a mixed comprehensive secondary school for students aged 11 - 18 (Years 7 to 13). The school is part of the Bourne Education Trust

The PAN (Planned Admission Number) for the Year 7 intake for September 2021 is 240.
Admission to Year 7 for September 2021

Admissions to Teddington School for Years 7 to 11 are overseen by the Richmond School Admissions. The phone number for general enquiries is: 020 8547 5569.

Key Dates for 2021-22 Admissions

Date Action
31.10.20 Closing date for receipt of online and paper applications, including any necessary supplementary forms.
01.03.21 National Offer Day.  Applicants will be sent an email during the evening, informing them of the result of their application.  Letters are posted first class, giving detailed results of applications.
15.03.21 Deadline for parents to accept or decline a place of offer. 

Parents must contact their home borough for support if they do not live in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames.

Please refer to the Secondary Admission Brochure issued by the London Borough of Richmond as a reference point.

In-Year Admissions

Admissions for the present Year 7 to 11 are managed by the School Admissions Department at the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. 

To register your child on our waiting lists please contact Richmond School Admissions.

School Uniform

Our school uniform is supplied by Stevensons. You can either purchase online or via their shop based in Twickenham.

Sixth Form Admissions

For information about Sixth Form entry, criteria and oversubscription, please click here to see the Sixth Form area of the school website. Applications are managed by Teddington Sixth Form and not by the local authority. 

Teddington School accept a minimum of 20 external candidates to Year 12.

Please contact our Sixth Form Administrator at for advice with regards to applying to our Sixth Form for September 2021. 

Tours of the School/Sixth Form

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, tours of the school are unfortunately suspended until further notice.  Please contact the School Admissions Officer on 0208 943 0033 for a further update on this.


In the event of oversubscription for either Year 7 September intake or In-Year Admissions, the criteria to be applied can be found by following the links to the Determined Admission Arrangements Document below.

Determined Admission Arrangements September 2021-22

Waiting List - Year 7 to 11

A waiting list for the school will be held by the Local Authority in criteria order (regardless of when the application is received).

Appeals Process

For information on how to appeal for a place for your child you can contact Richmond Independent Appeals Service. Click on the link below for appeals guidance:

Appeals Guidance

It is advisable to seek advice from Achieving for Children School Admissions:

E: T:020 8547 5569

The deadline for lodging secondary appeals for children starting school in September 2021 is 19 April 2021 (confirmed). All secondary appeals received by 19 April 2021 will be heard on weekdays between 17 May and 22 June 2021 (excluding half term week: 31 May - 4 June 2021 inclusive). Please click on the link below to view the appeals timetable:

Secondary School Admission Appeals Timetable 2021

Admission Enquiries

If you have any questions about applications for Years 7 to 11, or to register your child on our waiting lists, please contact Richmond School Admissions.

Please only contact our School Admissions Officer on 0208 943 0033 for general advice.

Determined Admissions Arrangements September 2022-23

Every school is required by law to set their admission arrangements (policy) which govern how places are offered to students. Within the policies are criteria that the schools use in determining the order of priority for allocating places. If a school decides they are changing the way they offer places, they are required to undertake consultation a year before the change becomes effective. Also, schools are required to undertake consultation every 7-year period even where no changes are required.

We consulted on our arrangements for admissions for the 2022-23 academic year on 11 December 2020, as we were at the end of our 7-year period. There were no key changes proposed to our arrangements for 2022-23, and following the end of our consultation period, the policy was agreed by the School Governors on 2 February 2021.  Please find our policy by clicking the below link:

Determined Admissions Arrangements September 2022-23


Admissions Data

How places were offered on 1 March for September entry   2021    2020
Total number of applications 900 898
Looked after and previously looked after children (criterion i) 2 0
Family, social, medical reason (criterion ii) 0 0
Siblings 79 59
Staff children 1 0
Distance 155 181
Pupils with a statement/EHCP 3 0
Number of appeals heard 0 4
Number of successful appeals 0 0
Distance from home to school of last child offered a place 4.120km 4.101km
* Please be aware there is a waiting list. The information above is given for guidance only, the number of applications received and the overall situation changes from year to year.


Meg Griessel @mjgriessel - Jun 18
It’s always a pleasure speaking to students from @teddingtonschl! Looking forward to hopefully seeing this group again once they join Sixth Form! Good luck for September year 11! 🌟🙌
- Jun 18
To mark the end of the sixth form post-16 week we had the wonderful @mjgriessel from @StMarysOutreach @YourStMarys discussing with year 11s about how decisions about A levels now link to subject choices at university in a few years' time #Teddington #sixthform #Alevel
- Jun 18
Thanks to @OxOutreach for a brilliant, informative talk for our year 11s going on to sixth form about @UniofOxford and a crash course in applying for Oxbridge #Teddington #sixthform #Alevel #Oxbridge
- Jun 18
Redox Tritation experiment to determine the percentage mass of iron in our chemistry taster today #Teddington #sixthform #chemistry #Alevel #post16
- Jun 17
Watch this! Experiments to find the equilibrium at our chemistry Post-16 Week Subject Fair stall. In our chemistry A level taster session tomorrow we will be doing more experiments and understanding why things like this happen #Teddington #sixthform #Alevel #chemistry #STEM
Richmond Council @LBRUT - Jun 17
[NEWS] The @KRYouthCouncil is conducting a survey on sexual harassment against young women in secondary schools and colleges in Richmond upon Thames and @RBKingston. Find out more and take the survey:
- Jun 17
Beach volleyball as part of our enrichment programme to end day one #Teddington #sixthform #Alevel #enrichment #beachvolleyball
- Jun 17
@jackeallen Thanks so much @jackeallen for your kind words. Delighted we have been able to offer virtual live-streamed lectures and Covid compliant in-person events to everyone from any school needing support for A Level options. Cheers!
Jackie Allen @jackeallen - Jun 17
@teddingtonschl Thank you my son found it really helpful and enjoyed speaking to the team ...invaluable to have some face to face for kids from other schools 🥰
- Jun 17
A level taster day included an incredible camera obscura installation for photography- the experience of being 'inside' a camera. Some before, during and after photos here! #Teddington #sixthform #Alevel #photography
- Jun 17
Sociology is one of the subjects new to students at A level and the 20 students we had in for today's taster lesson got to explore the American justice system on a macro and micro level #sociology #Alevel #Teddington #sixthform
- Jun 17
In Further Maths, forget the Cartesian co-ordinates! In today's taster session we are identifying polar curves #Teddington #sixthform #Alevel #furthermaths
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