Positive relationships between students and teachers and between students themselves were observed.

— School improvement partner report November 2015

All applications for admission to Teddington School for children transferring from primary school into Year 7 are co-ordinated centrally by the Local Authority. Full details including the admissions arrangements can be found on the Richmond Borough website:

Admissions Criteria for Teddington School 2020-21

Appeals Process for September 2020


Year 7 September 2020 Admissions

Applications for Year 7 places are managed by the Richmond Borough Admissions Team. If you have any queries regarding admissions to Teddington School, please contact our Admissions Officer, Mrs Mehrotra:

How places were offered on 1 March for September entry 2019 2018 2017
Total number of applications 922 1,152 1,117
Looked after and previously looked after children (criterion i) 1 0 2
Family, social, medical reason (criterion ii) 0 2 1
Siblings 72 76 80
Staff children 1 0 0
Distance 189 158 155
Pupils with a statement/EHCP 7 4 2
Number of appeals heard 1 2 3
Number of successful appeals 1 0 0
Distance from home to school of last child offered a place 4.293km 2.660km 3.429km
* Please be aware there is a waiting list. The information above is given for guidance only, the number of applications received and the overall situation changes from year to year.


In-year admissions

For all in-year admissions to Teddington School, please contact the Local Authority In-Year Admissions Team on 020 8547 5569.


- Jan 20
We just love that our year 8 students are listening to years 3-6 read aloud at St John the Baptist. Some of the Teddington students took books that they thought their partners would like. This is what education is all about. #inspiringothers #reading #literacy #pride #lovereading
- Jan 20
Has anyone lost a guitar? A student found one in the trees by Hampton Wick station and brought it in to school. If things rings a bell then give us a bell! #teddington
- Jan 20
We'll be sharing our word of the week on twitter to see if you can cram the word in at home! This week is superfluous - more than is needed or required #literacy #wordoftheweek #expandyourvocabulary
- Jan 19
The road to success is not an easy one, but we will support each student to find it. Your role at home is such a important piece of the puzzle. Do get in touch if you want to hear Michele Miller share her tips on how to support your child in their revision. #success #learning
Genocide80Twenty @genocide8020 - Jan 16
We're so pleased that our project with students from @Humanities_THS @OrleansPark @teddingtonschl researching the lives of 75 people deported to Auschwitz is on display as part of our local #HMD2020 exhibition. @HamptonSchool @AuschwitzMuseum @HMD_UK
- Jan 16
Years 10 and 11 parents: Michele Miller is presenting on how to support your children with their revision on Monday 20th January at 7pm. Michele has vast experience in education and sports psychology and has vital guidance to share. Book at place via
- Jan 16
What a fantastic careers fair. Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to talk to our students. They gained so much from this. Please come back again next year! #careers #brightfutures #inspire #lovewhatyoudo
- Jan 15
Thank you for all who came to the year 11 parents’ evening - what a fantastic turnout. Your support is so vital with helping our students reach their potential #brightfutures #endeavour #teddington #workhard
- Jan 13
Thanks so much to @teachsoutheast trainee teacher for visiting Teddington School at work and for such lovely feedback. Come and see us again soon!
Teddington Duke of Edinburgh @Tedd_dofe - Jan 11
@teddingtonschl Silver Duke of Edinburgh now available to Year 10 students. Information will be going out via email. You don’t have to have done a Bronze to take part!
- Jan 10
Well done to all our Year 9 students who completed their very first week of mock exams in the Hall! #teddington #school #exams #mocks
- Jan 9
Teddington School looking glorious under a rainbow. #proud #NaturalBeauty #Teddington
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