Teddington School is a mixed comprehensive secondary school for students aged 11 - 18 (Years 7 to 13). The school is part of the Bourne Education Trust

The PAN (Planned Admission Number) for the Year 7 intake for September 2021 is 240.

Admission to Year 7 for September 2021

Admissions to Teddington School for Years 7 to 11 are overseen by the Richmond School Admissions. The phone number for general enquiries is: 020 8547 5569.

Key Dates for 2021-22 Admissions

Date Action
31.10.20 Closing date for receipt of online and paper applications, including any necessary supplementary forms.
01.03.21 National Offer Day.  Applicants will be sent an email during the evening, informing them of the result of their application.  Letters are posted first class, giving detailed results of applications.
15.03.21 Deadline for parents to accept or decline a place of offer. 

Parents must contact their home borough for support if they do not live in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames.

Please refer to the Secondary Admission Brochure issued by the London Borough of Richmond as a reference point.

In-Year Admissions

Admissions for the present Year 7 to 11 are managed by the School Admissions Department at the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. 

To register your child on our waiting lists please contact Richmond School Admissions.

School Uniform

Our school uniform is supplied by Stevensons. You can either purchase online or via their shop based in Twickenham.

Sixth Form Admissions

For information about Sixth Form entry, criteria and oversubscription, please click here to see the Sixth Form area of the school website. Applications are managed by Teddington Sixth Form and not by the local authority. 

Teddington School accept a minimum of 20 external candidates to Year 12.

Please contact our Sixth Form Administrator at for advice with regards to applying to our Sixth Form for September 2021. 

Tours of the School/Sixth Form

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, tours of the school are unfortunately suspended until further notice.  Please contact the School Admissions Officer on 0208 943 0033 for a further update on this.


In the event of oversubscription for either Year 7 September intake or In-Year Admissions, the criteria to be applied can be found by following the links to the Determined Admission Arrangements Document below.

Determined Admission Arrangements September 2021-22

Waiting List - Year 7 to 11

A waiting list for the school will be held by the Local Authority in criteria order (regardless of when the application is received).

Appeals Process

For information on how to appeal for a place for your child you can contact Richmond Independent Appeals Service. Click on the link below for appeals guidance:

Appeals Guidance

It is advisable to seek advice from Achieving for Children School Admissions:

E: T:020 8547 5569

The deadline for lodging secondary appeals for children starting school in September 2021 is 19 April 2021 (confirmed). All secondary appeals received by 19 April 2021 will be heard on weekdays between 17 May and 22 June 2021 (excluding half term week: 31 May - 4 June 2021 inclusive). Please click on the link below to view the appeals timetable:

Secondary School Admission Appeals Timetable 2021

Admission Enquiries

If you have any questions about applications for Years 7 to 11, or to register your child on our waiting lists, please contact Richmond School Admissions.

Please only contact our School Admissions Officer on 0208 943 0033 for general advice.

Admissions Data

How places were offered on 1 March for September entry 2020 2019 2018
Total number of applications 898 922 1,152
Looked after and previously looked after children (criterion i) 0 1 0
Family, social, medical reason (criterion ii) 0 0 2
Siblings 59 72 76
Staff children 0 1 0
Distance 181 189 158
Pupils with a statement/EHCP 0 7 4
Number of appeals heard 4 1 2
Number of successful appeals 0 1 0
Distance from home to school of last child offered a place 4.101km 4.293km 2.660km
* Please be aware there is a waiting list. The information above is given for guidance only, the number of applications received and the overall situation changes from year to year.


- Oct 23
GCSE DT students have made these cars in three weeks! Nothing can stop them now! #teddington #proud #celebrate
- Oct 23
@corecoaching__ It's for year 10 only this year and the students have received messages about this on their year Team.
- Oct 23
Retweeting this with pleasure for any of our keen footballers!
- Oct 22
Wimbledon 2021, we’re training them to be ready for selection! Super start for our ball boys and girls learning the craft! #extracurricular #wimbledon #Teddington
- Oct 21
@lukeowen87 We have asked all students to wear masks unless exempt since September so the Tier 2 additional guidelines do not change things for us. They have been absolutely great at doing this!
- Oct 21
Some of our students attend art workshops by Drawing Matters and they love it! It is currently on Teams so that years 7 - 10 can attend virtually together. See the flyer below for more information #drawingmatters #youngartists #teddington #ExtraCurricular
- Oct 20
Last call for booking our live event to find out more about SEND at Teddington School! #teddington #kingston #livevents
- Oct 19
What's happening? More live events, that's what's happening! Book in to see our Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Inclusions and SEND talk live on Wednesday and Friday this week, and ask any questions you may have. #teddington
- Oct 18
@fsporty19 Agreed - we avoid taking students out of PE. They need that allocated time.
- Oct 15
@Adriaenssens75 Hello! We will send them out tomorrow morning around 8am to pick up anyone who signs up tonight!
- Oct 14
@kateallan74 Tomorrow's are being sent out tonight but if you want to message me your email address I will send you an invite myself tomorrow morning!
- Oct 14
Ms Pacey is live in action giving her second speech of the evening to families. She will do two further talks tomorrow and Friday at 9.15. Book your place through our website! #teddington #choosingyourschool #virtualopenevening
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