Teddington School is a mixed comprehensive secondary school for students aged 11 - 18 (Years 7 to 13). The school is part of the Bourne Education Trust

The PAN (Planned Admission Number) for the Year 7 intake for September 2023 is 240.

Admission to Year 7 for September 2023 

Admissions to Teddington School for Years 7 to 11 are overseen by the Richmond School Admissions. 

Key Dates for 2023-24 Admissions

Date Action
12.10.22 School Open Evening 
31.10.22 Closing date for receipt of online and paper applications, including any necessary supplementary forms.
01.03.23 National Offer Day.  Applicants will be sent an email during the evening, informing them of the result of their application.  Letters are posted first class, giving detailed results of applications.
15.03.23 Deadline for parents to accept or decline a place of offer. 

Parents must contact their home borough for support if they do not live in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames.

Please refer to the Secondary Admission Brochure issued by the London Borough of Richmond as a reference point.

In-Year Admissions

Admissions for the present Year 7 to 11 are managed by the Richmond School Admissions at the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. 

To apply for a place at our School, please contact Richmond School Admissions.

School Uniform

Our school uniform is supplied by Stevensons. You can either purchase online or via their shop based in Twickenham. Please go to our uniform page for full details.

Sixth Form Admissions

For information about Sixth Form entry, criteria and oversubscription, please click here to see the Sixth Form area of the school website. Applications are managed by Teddington Sixth Form and not by the Local Authority. 

Teddington School accept a minimum of 20 external candidates to Year 12.

Please contact our Head of Sixth Form Kirk Campbell for advice with regards to applying to our Sixth Form for September 2022. 

Tours of the School/Sixth Form

Please contact the School Admissions Officer for the lower school, and the Sixth Form Administrator for the Sixth Form, on 020 8943 0033.


In the event of oversubscription for either Year 7 September intake or In-Year Admissions, the criteria to be applied can be found by following the links to the Determined Admission Arrangements Document below.

Waiting List - Year 7 to 11

Waiting lists for the school are held by the Local Authority in criteria order (regardless of when the application is received).

Determined Admission Arrangements 2024-25

Determined Admission Arrangements September 2024-25

Determined Admission Arrangements 2023-24

Determined Admission Arrangements September 2023-24

Determined Admission Arrangements 2022-23

Determined Admission Arrangements September 2022-23

Appeals Process

For information on how to appeal for a place for your child you can contact Richmond Independent Appeals Service. Click on the link below for appeals guidance:

Appeals Guidance

It is advisable to seek advice from Achieving for Children School Admissions:


Secondary School Admission Appeals Timetable 2023

September 2023 entry

Appeals resulting from transfer applications for admission to Year 7 for September 2023 will be heard according to the following timetable:

National offer day 1 March 2023
Date by which an appeal must be submitted 17 April 2023
Dates when appeals will be heard All appeals received by 17 April 2023 will be heard on weekdays between 15 May 2023 and 19 June 2023. (excluding half term)
Date when appellants will be given notification of their appeal hearing 10 school days in advance of the hearing
Date by which the Clerk sends appeal papers to the parents, the panel and the admission authority 7 working days before the appeal hearing
Deadline for appellants to submit additional evidence At the specified time 5 working days before the appeal hearing.
Decision letters sent to the appellants.  Within 5 school days of the appeal hearing (whenever possible)

Appeals lodged after 17 April 2023 may be heard at a later date and after appeals received by the deadline. 

Admission Enquiries

If you have any questions about applications for Years 7 to 11 or you would like to apply for a place at our school, please contact Richmond School Admissions.

Please only contact our School Admissions Officer on 0208 943 0033 for general advice.

Admissions Data

How places were offered on 1 March for September entry   2023     2022    2021
Total number of applications 996 813 900
Looked after and previously looked after children (criterion i) 2 1 2
Family, social, medical reason (criterion ii) 0 0 0
Siblings 49 57 79
Staff children 1 1 1
Distance 208 174 155
Pupils with a statement/EHCP 7 7 3
Number of appeals heard 0 0 0
Number of successful appeals 0 0 0
Distance from home to school of last child offered a place 6.235km 4.120km 4.101km
* Please be aware there is a waiting list. The information above is given for guidance only, the number of applications received and the overall situation changes from year to year.




- Jun 5
DAY THREE 💥Today saw the bronze DofE qualifying expedition begin, lead by Team 6 who were up and ready to go by 7:44! Well done! All the teams made it successfully to the new campsite carrying all of their kit needed to set up camp again. One more day to go! 🗺️✨— Teddington School (@teddingtonschl) June 5, 2023
- Jun 4
DAY TWO 🗺️✨of the bronze DofE expedition trip saw the students complete a remotely assessed walk in preparation for their qualifying expedition tomorrow morning! ☀️— Teddington School (@teddingtonschl) June 4, 2023
- Jun 3
DAY 1 of the bronze DofE expedition trip has been a fantastic day all round! The students have been recapping their map reading 🧭 and route planning skills, setting up their tents ⛺️ and practising cooking dinner outdoors… and we had a surprise visit from the ice cream 🍦 van!— Teddington School (@teddingtonschl) June 3, 2023
- May 26
💥House Drama 🎭 - WINNERS💥✨💫Best newcomer- Lara and Leo , Best performer in a supporting role Mayhan, Best performer Jarvis and best overall performance was Phoenix with Aladdin. Well done to everyone who participated💐🎉— Teddington School (@teddingtonschl) May 26, 2023
- May 25
Teddington School PTA Meeting 12th June 2023 at 7pmPlease join us for the next PTA meeting to discuss upcoming fundraising events, finances and school bids. We are meeting in Room 101 at the school. Everyone is welcome! @teddingtonschl— TeddingtonSchPTA (@TeddSchPTA) May 24, 2023
- May 24
✨ YOGA 🧘‍♂️— Teddington School (@teddingtonschl) May 24, 2023
- May 23
An awesome day @ChallengeRobots Heat @KingstonECE today! #STEM fun – congratulations to every team for all of your great achievements!@turinghouse @teddingtonschl@RoseberySchool1@NonsuchHSG @OrleansPark @HarrisBeckenham @TheBeaconSch@crispinsschoolSt. Philomena Catholic HSG— Raising Robots: Authorised LEGO® Education Partner (@raisingrobots) May 23, 2023
- May 23
YESS another win for this fantastic team ⚾️ this afternoon 💥Thank you @turinghouse for a great match! It’s always a brilliant match with your students and staff. Teddington won by 8-5 ✨— Teddington School (@teddingtonschl) May 23, 2023
- May 23
DUKE OF EDINBURGH 🏕️ Our Bronze DofE group had a great day getting ready for their expedition trip! They practiced setting up tents & stoves 🔥 as well as learning how to use a compass and read maps to plan their route 🧭 Good luck to all students in their expedition in the HT 💫— Teddington School (@teddingtonschl) May 23, 2023
- May 23
Thank you @collisprimary for having some of our students over for a Drama workshop today. The workshop focused on helping students prep for their up and coming production, lead by some of our performers from this years production 🎭✨💫— Teddington School (@teddingtonschl) May 23, 2023
- May 22
Please be aware there will be works taking place on Broom Road for Emergency Sewer works! The road is closed till 5th June. 681 is diverted, it will run down Kingston road and serve the stop by Holmesdale Road @thameswater— Teddington School (@teddingtonschl) May 22, 2023
- May 17
Thank you for coming in! 😄— Teddington School (@teddingtonschl) May 17, 2023
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