At Teddington School, it is of utmost importance that all students complete the homework assigned by their teachers. Homework plays a crucial role in our Teaching and Learning provision.

"The evidence shows that, on average, homework has an impact equivalent to five months of additional progress per year," as highlighted by The Education Endowment Foundation, a leading UK education research group. We actively encourage students to reinforce and expand upon their in-class learning by completing homework assignments at home.

We understand that not all homework tasks are straightforward, and forming effective homework habits takes time. To support our students, we offer a Homework Club in the Library from 15:00 to 16:00, Monday through Thursday. This service is available for pupils who request it and for those who may face challenges in completing their homework at home.

Homework assignments may vary across different departments and can include one-off tasks or longer-term projects. On average, we expect the following:

  • KS3 Core subjects: Up to 1 hour per subject per week.
  • KS3 Non-core subjects: Up to 1 hour every fortnight.
  • KS4 (GCSE) students should anticipate receiving one homework assignment from every subject each week.

All homework will be set through the class Team on Microsoft Teams. We require students to submit their homework on time and at the expected standard. In cases of non-submission, teachers will adhere to the school's behavior policy and employ a rewards system to acknowledge positive contributions.

Homework assessment methods may vary depending on the nature of the task. Examples of assessment methods include peer marking, self-assessment, teacher evaluation, group work assessment, or automatic online marking.

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