High Flyers Programme

In providing an ‘inclusive’ and ‘excellent’ education, we feel it is important that the most able students are identified early, supported, and mentored throughout their time at Teddington School. The High Flyers Programme is a bespoke package for our higher attaining students.

High Flyers Programme

Our High Flyers lead, Mr Evans, takes responsibility for delivering the programme for our most able students to enrich and stretch their learning. As part of the programme students are provided with:

  • Three hours of extra learning, extension and challenge opportunities
  • Group projects for Years 8 and 9, with students presenting to parents 
  • Public speaking oppourtunities for Year 10
  • Attendance at selected TED Talks for Year 10 and Year 11
  • Enhanced revision and study strategies for Year 11, 12 and 13
  • Additional pathways guidance for Year 9 and 11
  • Early exposure, identification and support for potential Oxbridge applications from
  • Guidance through the Oxbridge application process for Year 12 and 13
  • Engagement with an outreach officer from Cambridge University 
  • Access to university summer schools and Olympiads in Physics and Chemistry 
  • Introduction to Critical Thinking assessments and Oxbridge entrance exams
  • Support with composing formal letters and application forms
  • Presentations and discussions on current affairs
  • Online Mensa and similar IQ tests
  • Developing problem solving skills using higher demand maths questions
  • Oppourtunities for extended creative writing 
  • Access to an additional GCSE Latin qualification
  • An annual trip to a European City of Culture

For more information on the Highflyers programme please email evanss@teddingtonschool.org.

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