Assessment is an integral part of learning at Teddington. Our teachers expertly assess students' knowledge during lessons through a variety of techniques, including 'retrieval questions' and 'low-stakes quizzing.' Students are regularly evaluated at the end of each half-term or unit of study through more formal assessment methods such as essays, exam questions, or topic tests.

Additionally, in our commitment to enhancing educational outcomes, we have made substantial investments in the Education Endowment Foundation's 'Embedding Formative Assessment Programme'. This initiative is designed to optimise pupil progress by integrating formative assessment strategies across all areas of our school curriculum. Grounded in established evidence supporting the efficacy of formative assessment in fostering student learning, schools participating in the Embedding Formative Assessment programme have observed the equivalent of two months' additional progress, as evidenced by Attainment 8 GCSE scores.

Further detial regarding assessment, homework and student reports can be found in our Assessment & Monitoring Guide:

Assessment & Monitoring Guide 2024-25


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