Assessment is an integral part of learning at Teddington. Our teachers expertly assess students' knowledge during lessons through a variety of techniques, including 'retrieval questions' and 'low-stakes quizzing.' Additionally, at the end of each half-term or unit of work, students are asked to complete more formal assessments. Examples of these assessments may include essays, exam questions, or topic tests.

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Furthermore, we have made significant investments in the Education Endowment Foundation through the 'Embedding Formative Assessment Programme.' This program aims to enhance pupil outcomes by incorporating the use of formative assessment strategies throughout the entire school.

The program builds upon existing evidence that formative assessment can enhance students' learning. While many schools already prioritize formative assessment, they often report challenges in its implementation.

Students in schools implementing the Embedding Formative Assessment program have shown the equivalent of two months' additional progress, with attainment measured using Attainment 8 GCSE scores.

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