Alternative Curriculum

At Teddington we pride ourselves on the bespoke pathways we offer our students to ensure all leave Teddington Future Ready. Through our in-house 4-year alternative curriculum pathway, we aim to offer appropriate support for selected students in years 8-11 where they experience opportunities to allow them to flourish outside of the mainstream curriculum.  

Teddington Alternative Curriculum utilises expertise within the school alongside experienced external providers to deliver a bespoke programme which fosters students’ academic, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This alternative pathway supports students who may be disaffected from school, struggle to cope with a full academic programme or require more intensive support to allow them to be successful at secondary school.  

The alternative curriculum centres around the 4 Teddington Pillars, where students are exposed to opportunities to foster their engagement in school and their place within the school and local community. Additional English and maths lessons are also incorporated. 

In the Key Stage 4 the curriculum has a 9+1 model, where students study 8 GCSEs plus the Duke of Edinburgh Award and a certification in the Scholars Programme through the Brilliant Club. These additional qualifications and experiences ensure that AP students are equipped to leave Teddington with qualifications and a strong CV to allow them to be Future Ready with a variety of different skills. 

The desired impact of the Alternative Curriculum for students: 

  • Improved engagement in school 
  • Improved attendance 
  • Reduction in behavioural sanctions 
  • No NEETs 
  • Targeted careers guidance  

Teddington Alternative Curriculum Map

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