Academic Reporting

At Teddington School, we prioritise keeping families informed about students' progress at appropriate stages throughout the academic year. Our comprehensive reports provide easily interpretable data for every subject, offering valuable insights into your child's educational journey.

Key Stage 3 Reports:

For Key Stage 3, we employ a 3-point scale for measuring attainment: WT (working towards), EXP (expected), and EXC (exceeding). These three attainment bands—Mastering, Securing, and Progressing—are assigned upon a student's entry into the school. They are informed by a combination of their KS2 SATS score and the overall CAT test score. To illustrate the alignment of these attainment bands with anticipated GCSE outcomes, please refer to the table below.

Attainment Band

Anticipated GCSE Outcome

Combined KS2 Result









99 and lower


Key Stage 4 Reports:

During Key Stage 4, attainment (progress/working at grade) grades are established at 0.5-point intervals, encompassing BTEC qualifications. Predictions (working towards) are denoted in whole grades, including BTEC qualifications. Our forecast targets adhere to the Fischer Family Trust forecast targets, typically aligned with the FFT 20/5 parameters. It's worth noting that the Combined Science award will be reported as two grades, without the 0.5-interval distinction, for both attainment (working at) and prediction (working toward).

Key Stage 5 Reports:

At Key Stage 5, attainment (progress/working at grade) grades are set at 0.5-point intervals, covering BTEC qualifications as well. Predictions (working towards) are presented in whole grades, inclusive of BTEC qualifications. Our forecast targets are established based on the ALPs forecast targets.

We encourage open and constructive discussions about the reports, and there's an opportunity to delve deeper into your child's progress by reaching out to relevant members of our staff. You don't need to wait until subject consultation evenings to engage in these important conversations. Should you require additional copies of your child's report, please don't hesitate to contact the school office.

All students


Learning Attitude

Quality of classwork



Excellent concentration, rarely off task and a commitment to improve their learning is consistently shown. Always completes homework on time and strives to ensure the quality of the work is to a high standard.

Always completes classwork & homework on time. Work is completed to a high standard and evidently strives to meet target grade or above.



Concentration is usually good in class and on the whole a desire to achieve is shown. Usually completes homework on time fulfilling most of the tasks well and is completed to a good standard. 

Completes classwork & homework on time, at least 90% of the time. Work is completed to a good standard.


Needs Improving

Focus in class is less than expected.  Often off-task and distracting others’ learning. Little effort is applied to homework tasks and as such the quality of the work is not as good as it could be.

Completes classwork & homework on time, 50% of the time. Work is completed to a satisfactory standard.


Area of Concern

Shows little desire to improve and rarely applies themselves to the learning tasks.  Regularly distracts others from their learning. Homework is rarely completed at all.  As such progress is being seriously hindered.

Rarely completes classwork & homework on time. Work is completed to a below satisfactory standard.

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