Trips & Visits

At Teddington School we very much value the cultural and learning experiences that trips and visits can provide. It is extremely important that our students gain understanding in a wider context and therefore we encourage staff to organise trips that relate to the curriculum, to develop and challenge their knowledge and skills.

In recent years we have undertaken trips and visits to a wide variety of places in the local area, as well as in other parts of the UK and abroad. Some examples of trips and visits include:

  • A variety of geography data collection fieldwork days for GCSE and A level within the UK
  • Ski trips to Italy
  • Language trips to France, including Paris
  • History trip to Portsmouth Dockyards
  • Science trip to Geneva, including a visit to CERN and the International Red Cross
  • A level visit to New York, including a visit to a UN Conference
  • Our well established exchange programme to Konstanz in southern Germany
  • Holocaust memorial workshop
  • Sports tours to South Africa and Spain
  • A level conferences in London for geography, history, psychology, PE and physics
  • Trip to the Houses of Parliament
  • KS4 and KS5 expedition to Kenya
  • Philosophy and ethics trip to Westminster Abbey.

Letters and all relevant information related to trips and visits is sent to parents and guardians well in advance to allow time for payment and planning.

During the Covid-19 pandemic all educational visits were suspended and there are still many restrictions in place.  As these continue to be lifted we will be provide you with details of upcoming trips in the school newsletter and through communication home.  There are a number of visits in the pipeline, however, the majority of these will remain provisional until we are able to travel safely.  You can look at our skeleton schedule here, which we are anticipating will increase significantly as the year progresses.

We welcome parent volunteers to accompany students on trips.  If you are interested in supporting us in this way then please email, but please be advised that you may not be accompanying a group that includes your own child.   All parent volunteers will need to be DBS checked.



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