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Teddington School is ranked in the top 100 secondary schools in Greater London and is consistently within the top 20% of schools nationally for both attainment and progress. Of the 940 schools in the region, we are amongst the top 30 state schools and sit within the top 3 schools in the Richmond Borough. 

At GCSE 27% of grades awarded in 2022 where between levels eight and nine. 40% of grades awarded where between levels seven and nine. Overall, students achieved nearly half a level more than expected in every GCSE subject. At A Level 38% of students are moving to a Russell Group University. 33% of all A Level entries were graded at A*-A, 64% at A*-B and 81% A*-C. 10 of our students achieved straight A*-A .

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A Level and GCSE Results 2022

A Level Results 2022

We are pleased to say that staff and students at Teddington School are celebrating a return to examinations with a fantastic set of results at Key Stage 5.  I am very proud of the students and their results. This is the first time these students have sat public examinations in secondary school due to Covid.  

Year 13 students excelled themselves and once again met our high expectations, with the majority of Year 13 students securing their first choice of university and 38% of students are moving to a Russell Group  University. Congratulations on securing your places. In Year 13, 33.3% of all A Level entries were graded at A*-A, 64.4% at A*-B and 80.6% A*-C. 10 (13.3%) of our students achieved straight A*-A. Our progress score is +0.01 with an ALPS score of 4, placing us in the top 40% of the schools in the country. 

A special congratulations to Charlotte Fern who achieved straight A*s. A fantastic achievement.  

And congratulations to the following students that achieved at least 3 A*-A.  

Georgia Cotter, Charlotte Fern, Faye Blackshaw, James Spencer, Lydia Fowler, Hanna Zdziarska, Hannah Hogg, Josephine Thelu, Caitlin Hughes, Rhea Poaros, Karan Nath and Sam Pritchard.


Kirk Campbell, Head of Sixth Form, said: "I am so pleased that the students in our care are able to secure the placements they wanted as a result of their achievements. It is fantastic that 33% of our students achieved the highest grades possible. Teddington Sixth Form is a place where students are well looked after, both emotionally and academically and it was a delight to see so many happy faces this morning. Every student needs to be proud of the work they have achieved that contributed to these fantastic results. Parents, staff and most importantly the students must be incredibly proud of their achievements, and everyone in the Teddington community wishes all our students the very best of luck in their next steps”. 

“The whole sixth form team extends a huge congratulations to all of our students as they embark on the next exciting stage of their lives. Students should be very proud of what they have achieved. To all of our 2022 leavers, it has been a joy to be part of your  A Level journey and we hope that your celebrations today are fun and long-lasting.” 
Year 13  
A* - A Grades 33.3% 
A* - B Grades  64.4%
A* - C Grades  80.6%
Level 3 Value Added  +0.01


GCSE Results 2022

We are very proud of our year 11 students for their results this year. Their journey to this point was not an easy one and was interrupted by the pandemic. It is fair to say that they felt pressure going into these examinations but rose to the challenge. I want to thank all the staff that worked so hard at catching students up and ensuring they could achieve the best they could.

Results day boys

Teddington’s results are in line with the high standards and expectations in progress we have made over the last 3 years with grades being awarded the top GCSE levels in all subjects: 

9-8: 26.64% of grades Results day boy

9-7: 40.02% of grades 

9-4: 85.8% of grades 

English and Maths results were once again brilliant. 

  9-7  9-5  9-4
English  36.45%  80.79%  88.18%
Maths 45.32%  75.86% 88.18%
English and Maths combined  29%  71%  87%

Fantastic results were also achieved in Science, with 66.5% of all students achieving a strong pass in Biology, Chemistry & Physics.  

Once again we excelled in our EBacc subjects, performing well above the national average, with 54.68% of entries achieving a strong pass in MFL.  

Congratulations to the following students that achieved our top results. 

All 9 - 8 Grades  All 9 - 7 Grades
Austin Savage, Libby  Alderson, Lizzie 
Bannon, George  Amatya, Simrika 
Browning, Leo  Buczynsky, Elsa 
Chockler, Daniel  Dukanova, Victoria
Di Pierro Demetilla, Perla  Earp, Thomas
Harradine, Florence  Hadbouali, Adam 
O'Leary, Eddie  Hyde, Matty 
Parsons, Lola  Jones, Joshua 
Ratnayake, Iona  Kassab, Sadoon 
Reed, Isabella  Lopez-Harrison, Oscar 
Shepherd-Evans, Helena  Lovatt, Heidi 
Steele, Chloe  McDowell, Stella 
Thammandra, Kranthi  Pickrell, Frazer 
Tillotson, Vera  Rix, Hannah 
Williams, Johanna  Rustomji, Alex 
Winterton, Sophie  Wu, Breanna 

A special congratulations to Perla Di Pierro Demetilla and Iona Ratnayake for achieving straight 9s.  

Performance measures  2022
Progress 8 score  +0.3
% of pupils entered for the EBACC  68.3
% of pupils achieving a grade 5 or above in GCSE English and Maths  72.3


Josh Golding, Head of Year 11, said:
"I am really proud that our Year 11s have surmounted all the recent challenges with these outstanding results, and a record number returning to our Sixth Form next year."
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