Teddington Sport Stars

A number of current and ex students have achieved sporting success following their time at Teddington School. We are so proud to support these students through their sporting journey and are always delighted to hear of their successes at Regional, National and International level.

Current Teddington Sports Stars

Ex Teddington Sports Stars

Aleksei Dhillon-Francis, Year 10 - Table Tennis

Abigail Avery - GB Kayaking

Abi avery

Annie Bates, Year 11 - Canoeing


Andrew and Stuart Poynter - Cricket

Andy stuart

Brooke Black, Year 11 - Tennis

Brooke 2

Archie Twigg - GB Hockey

Arthur GreenWalker, Year 10 - Swimming

Arthur GreenWalker

Billy Allington - Boxing


Dianora De Bilio, Year 9 - Kayaking


Caitlin Curlewis – GB Gymnast

Caitlin curlewis

Edith King, Year 12 - Kayaking

Chad Harper

Harry Harding, Year 8 - Cross Country


Ella Waldron – Watford FC

Ella waldron

Kai-Luca Ampaw, Year 13 - Tennis

Kai luca

Fay Berry

Lorenzo De Bilio, Year 7 - Kayaking

Jamie Hewett

Lucy Barlow, Year 12 - Cross Country

Lucy barlow

Jamie Sendles White – QPR

Jamie sw

Ronnie Thomas Armstrong, Year 11 - Basketball


Lenny Pidgeley

Lenny P

Ruby Oakley, Year 13 - Netball


Maddie Edwards – GB Handball

Maddie edwards

Teo Fletcher, Year 10 - Wakeboarding


Molly Lavin

Tommy Evans, Year 12 - Swimming 

Tommy evans

Nicola Cheung

Kelvi Bariami - Southampton FC & Albania


Sean O’Brien – QPR, Forest Green


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