Student Leadership

At Teddington School we recognise the potential in all of our students and, as future leaders, we offer a range of opportunities and roles for students to become involved in leading others, influencing practice and embedding change in preparation for life beyond school. Many Student Leadership activities will focus on supporting the school’s aim to be a place where everyone enjoys learning and is creative – trying new things, finding solutions and embracing their responsibilities. We encourage all of our students with the qualities and aspirations to make a difference to life at our school to apply for a role and to take the opportunities presented to them.

Student leadership team

Student Leadership Bulletin - Spring 2023

Aims of our Student Leadership programme

  • To empower students to work in partnership with staff and other students towards shared goals.
  • To enable creativity to flourish as the school community benefits from the wealth of experiences, ideas, skills and sense of fun that students bring.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety projects which impact positively on well-being for both students and staff at Teddington School.
  • To prepare students for Higher Education and for achieving personal and professional excellence in life after formal education.

Our Student Leadership programme provides;

  • Formal and informal learning opportunities to develop individuals as leaders
  • Processes and structures for student representation and the incorporation of students’ views into decision-making in the life of the school

Teddington School will;

  • Provide a wide range of participation and leadership opportunities which cater for all students in the school
  • Provide recognition of all Student Leadership roles
  • Encourage students to differentiate between student participation and Student Leadership
  • Provide students with access to key staff for support and guidance

Student Leader expectations

  • You should like working with and talking to younger students
  • You should be able to build good working relationships with staff
  • You should want to make a lasting impact at school and be involved in decision-making
  • You should be able to work well in a team
  • You should have good time management skills e.g. balancing commitments
  • You should be polite, mature, respectful, responsible, and kind at all times

For more information on Student leadership please contact Miss L Merson - Assistant Headteacher

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