Mental Health Award

Teddington School has been awarded Silver status for the School Mental Health Award. This is a nationally recognised accreditation which has been assessed by Leeds Beckett University in partnership with the Minds Ahead charity. This award recognises the exemplary work we have done to support students, staff and our community on a regional level.

The award assessment was a year long process whereby the school had to demonstrate the excellent practise in the categories listed below. Each of these categories were graded out of 5, indicating exemplary practice. Teddington scored an average of 5 for each category.

  • Leadership and StrategySMHA MONO SILVER 2024 27
  • Organisational Structure and Culture 
  • Support for Staff
  • Professional Development and Learning
  • Support for Students
  • Working with Parents and Carers
  • Working with External Stakeholders


The school was also recognised for the work it has undertaken with external agencies, those which support students and staff at Teddington, in addition to the support experts at Teddington provide to other schools across the region. Such involvement includes the Trailblazer Programme, where we participate in projects to support adolescent mental health in the region as well as provide feedback to Public Health England.

The Leeds Beckett assessor noted in their report:

 “It is clear that the school has exemplary practice with regards to the provision for mental health and wellbeing’’

“Teddington [is an] approachable school where parents are supportive and engaged. Students and staff alike are supported to thrive in their school community. Promoting and developing mental health and wellbeing is a fundamental aspect of Teddington’s curriculum design and this foundation is further bolstered through the extensive and dedicated pastoral support.”

'' the school has been consciously active in raising awareness of the importance of mental health for many years.”

“ The school is deeply committed to promoting and nurturing the mental health and wellbeing of their students.”

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