Global Citizens

Teddington School ensures students leave us as well-informed ‘Global Citizens’. During their time with us, students acquire an in-depth understanding of the world around them. This includes knowledge of the local, regional, national and global contexts. As a result of our work, students have the opportunity to broaden their mindset and help make the world a better place.

Global citizens are created both through the curriculum and our wider enrichment programme. Through the curriculum, students have opportunity to learn about real life issues, current affairs and significant events which shape the way our world works.

Our wider enrichment programme has already given students the opportunity to:

  • Collect donations for a local foodbank in Kingston Upon Thames
  • Visit a care home and share some of their artwork with the residents 
  • Participate in workshops which educate students on a range of issuesTRIPS 1
  • Work with students from feeder primary schools who want to experience life at Teddington
  • Raise money for charities which support victims of natural disasters
  • Listen to TEDdigton talks from a wide variety of external speakers
  • Participate in trips and visits which provide experiences both within the UK and beyond
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