Sixth Form Feedback


Parents receive a written report twice a year. The ‘Interim Report’ provides a comparison, for each subject, between a student’s current level of work, and their target level. This is based on a variety of informal and formal assessments throughout the year. It will also indicate the student’s ‘Attitude to Learning’.

The ‘Summative Report’ contains an additional judgement about a student’s progress as well as an indication for each subject as to what can be done to make further progress in the future.

Consultation Evenings

Consultation Evenings provide a valuable opportunity to talk to subject teachers about students’ progress. We encourage families and students to attend together so that we are able to work together really effectively.

Information Evenings

From time to time there will be special events planned in order to provide information and support. For example, during the Autumn Term of Year 12 we will hold a Parents Information Evening where we outline what we expect of our students and how the sixth form operates. Our first Information Evening will be on 9 October 2019 at 6pm in the Sixth Form Block for all current Year 11 students and parents, including internal and external applicants. This is to follow on from our main Open Evening in June 2019. 

Higher Education Evenings

In March of Year 12, we will host a Higher Education Evening the purpose of which is to inform, advise and guide students and their families about the challenges of applying to Higher Education.

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