In-class assessments are a vital component of teaching and learning at Teddington School. At the start of each unit students are given a learning journey which outlines the skills they need to develop in the unit, key words and the assessment they will complete.  

Once the unit is completed students will sit an assessment which could take a number of different forms, depending on the subject. Students will also review their progress against their learning journey.  

Through this process students are able to track their progress during the unit and review their skills at the end. Teachers refer to the learning journey throughout the unit to support students in being successful, as well as encouraging them to actively engage with and take responsibility for their progress over time. 

Learning journeys for each subject can be found in class exercise books, or on Teams for some subjects. 

KS3 Assessment at Teddington School (from September 2022)KS3 Bands and Flight Path Model (for Year 8 and 9)

Assessment Overview Year 7

Assessment Overview Year 8

Assessment Overview Year 9

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