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Kathy PaceyInclusivity lies at the heart of what we do and so we plan our school day around supporting, challenging and motivating all our students, all of the time.

We are so pleased that we are back! There will be changes and challenges in our new way of working, however we are confident that we will work together, support each other and transition back safely. We are working hard on our curriculum in order to prioritise the skills necessary to focus on in this next year. 

I feel strongly that school should be a happy and safe environment for students to come to each day; we want them to thrive and achieve. This can only be realised by them being challenged and supported by all staff, at all times.

My staff came into teaching to make a difference and to improve the lives of young people and that is what we are determined to do. Our aim, ultimately, is to provide a quality education that prepares Teddington students for life beyond school.  

I have been watching us, as a school community, grow stronger and stronger every day. We are delighted to welcome our new year 7 and year 12 students this year.  

The year ahead will be a big year for us and staff are working hard to continue the tide of progress forward. We continue to have a relentless drive on making our pedagogy and school environment the very best that it can be, so I am pleased to be overseeing the growth and embedding of the great work that was achieved during the last academic year. 

Our school values drive students' ambitions each day:

  • Responsibility - for my own achievements; for my own behaviour around school; for my life chances
  • Endeavour - to try my hardest to achieve what I want to achieve - I will never give up
  • Empathy - to understand and share the feelings of those around me, and strive to achieve together
  • Integrity - to uphold moral principles- challenge negativity and be a great team player
  • Innovation - to strive to create new ideas.

We look forward to working hard with our students again this year. Please know my door is always open, as ever, any time, if you have anything you want to discuss. I welcome all interactions with parents, students and all Teddington stakeholders.  

Thank you in advance for your support. 

Ms Pacey





- Apr 6
Stress in young people is sometimes hard for others to spot and manifests itself in subtle ways. There’s lots of guidance out there, especially through April, for any families who need a bit of inspiration on this topic #teddington #StressAwarenessMonth #lookaftereachother https://t.co/YTLOQZrpTc
- Apr 2
And a very happy Easter to all of our families. Have a lovely break and we look forward to welcoming students back on the 19th, recharged and ready for the summer term. #teddington #EasterHolidays https://t.co/5iPROP85hB
- Mar 30
Dianora in year 7 has designed the winning praise postcard from our competition! Well done, Dianora! #teddington #praise #positivity #schoolvalues https://t.co/JDUQ5XKJnh
- Mar 29
We are about to go live to speak to families in year 13 about the teacher assessed grades for 2021. Year 11 have their event on Wednesday. Join us if you can! #TAGs #Teddington #support #goals
- Mar 23
On this day of reflection, our students and staff marked a year since the pandemic began with a poignant silent. Spring is in the air with the hope for a brighter time ahead. #teddington #nationaldayofreflection
- Mar 19
@andree_frieze So good in so many ways!
- Mar 19
Normality feels so good. We are back up and running with internal extra curricular and we had over 60 year 7s this afternoon playing football. What a great sight! #teddington #extracurricular #youngfootballers https://t.co/529Y8ACbQO
- Mar 16
@charlottermills Hi Charlotte. Please send an email to info@teddingtonschool.org so that we can reply to you directly about the next steps!
- Mar 8
Year 6 families, we are ready to meet you! Looking forward our live event at 5.30pm with anyone who has been offered a place at Teddington School for September. Bring your questions if you have any! #teddington #richmondschools #engagement #transition
- Mar 7
We are so excited about tomorrow! Well done to all families who have got through these weeks of a full house at home with everyone working and supporting each other. Our students have amazed us, and we are more than ready to reopen our doors #teddington #community #welcomeback https://t.co/Uhph7W5AQA
- Mar 5
A very lovely parent provided lunch from Sidra in Teddington for our teachers in school. Gestures like this from our school community go such a long way. It was delicious! We are looking forward to seeing the students so much next week #teddington #community https://t.co/hiICnXxbzd
- Mar 5
This is a great site for positive mental health and strategies to cope with it. We are approaching another significant change for young people and website like this are really helpful to get through them. #teddington #mentalhealthmatters #safespot https://t.co/N8Llw7xctn
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