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In the Teddington community everything matters, at all times and this undoubtedly includes our specific and targeted transition programme. Moving to secondary school is a huge step in a young person’s life, but at Teddington we firmly believe that this should not be a leap into the unknown. As parents you will want to feel confident that you are making the right choice and we firmly believe that Teddington offers the right path to an academic journey of success.

We plan a robust programme of activities that make the journey to secondary school exciting and rewarding. Students have the opportunity to meet both members of staff and students in their own primary school during the summer term as we visit many primary schools. Additionally all students have a number of opportunities to visit Teddington, familiarising themselves with the environment.

We challenge our students from the moment they arrive; exciting them with new learning opportunities as well as encouraging them to take risks in each and every experience. During the summer holidays we set a summer learning project which encourages creativity and focuses on our school values; integrity, innovation, endeavour, empathy and responsibility.

We motivate students to get involved; be it in lessons or in the wider school community. All year 7 students are all invited to a residential trip during their first month which we firmly believe helps them to settle quickly, make new friends, try new experiences and make life long memories.  

Finally we create an environment where all can achieve to their fullest potential. 

Supporting Transition

Teddington has an excellent pastoral care system, supporting those who may need additional emotional support throughout the transition process. Students are given additional opportunities to attend school during the final term of year 6, meeting the key staff that will manage and support the transition process. We also run a buddy system with students from our older year groups who will visit your child and offer additional support should this be necessary.

As well as providing academic excellence, your child will be encouraged to develop their wider social and personal skills. Teddington School has a wide variety of extra curricular opportunities available which we believe are fundamental in providing a strong foundation for young people to enjoy, develop new skills and make new friends. These include clubs run both inside and outside of school and include residential and community projects and events, which all students are encouraged to participate in. 

There are a number of leadership opportunities; including an active student council which provides a platform to support the development of ambitious and successful young individuals. Student voice is actively encouraged and all students opinions are valued and respected. 

Transition Support for Families

Transition Support - Parents & Carers

Making the Change

Building Resilience


Joining the Teddington Family

Each October we hold an open evening and open morning and we encourage families of year 5 & 6 students to visit us to see what Teddington School has to offer. For 2020, we will be doing this remotely rather than as an event on the school site.  You will still be able to hear about our schools many successes and sample the atmosphere of a friendly, caring and ambitious school community.  More information will follow soon about this format.
This will be an exciting time for both you and your child. Our partnership with our families begins the day you receive your acceptance letter. We hope the information sent to you will be helpful, and that the events we run are fun and informative. If you do have additional questions which you would like to raise, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or telephone at the main school address.
We are very much looking forward to working closely with you and your child over the next few months, and to the beginning of a fantastic partnership that will continue over the next 7 years.


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