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Cucina Tariff Update February 2022

Teddington School's restaurant provides a varied menu which includes both hot and cold meal choices. Food is available throughout the day from 07.30 to 15.15 and a limited selection is available to students at the end of the school day. 

The school’s catering is contracted to Cucina. All meals are made on-site by skilled catering staff, from fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients. The combination of quality cooking, fresh ingredients and good value has made the restaurant the most popular meal option for students. 

Click here for some examples of our menus.

In addition to the main restaurant area, we have an outside eating area for those who prefer to dine “al fresco”. Students who prefer to bring a packed lunch are welcome to use both the restaurant and the outside area, and students are welcome to switch between packed lunches and school meals freely any time they want. Students can also purchase a smaller range of drinks and snacks from the café, located in the main atrium.

Catering Information during COVID-19

September 2021 Update

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Payments - ParentPay

Teddington School operates a cashless payment system called ParentPay. Purchases in the canteen are paid for by a student card avoiding the necessity to bring money into school. 

Unfortunately, the school is not able to provide credit/overdraft facilities for students. If your child has insufficient funds on their account please provide a packed lunch for them to bring to school. The school’s policy is that we would never allow a child to go hungry and will always endeavour in an emergency situation to provide a meal; in this instance you should call 0208 943 0033 and speak to the office. 

Students eligible for free school meals automatically have their card credited each day, and they can use this allowance at lunch time to purchase any two items. The system is “invisible”, so students are not aware who is claiming a free school meal. Parents can top up these accounts in the same way as any other account if they want their child to be able to spend more than the free school meal allowance or to make purchases at times other than lunchtime.

Click here to access your ParentPay online account

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