Staff Contact Details 

We value the importance of regular communication between our school and our families. Any query directed to us will be repsonded to in a prompt and professional manner.

Please contact your child's class teacher should you have any subject based quieires. For more general based quieires please contact your child's form tutor or Head of Year. 

To contact a member of staff via email please use the following format;

Mr P Grills
The Leadership Team
Ms K Corrigall Deputy Head (maternity leave)
Ms M Metcalfe Assistant Head
Ms L Merson Assistant Head
Mr D Spick Assistant Head
Ms N Fenton  Assistant Head / SENDCo
Mr W Whitehouse Assistant Head
Ms C Asdell Assistant Head
Ms S Sheridan Business Manager
Teaching Staff
Art and Design Technology
Mr T Cao Subject Leader - Art and Photography
Mrs R Zebrowski Subject Leader - DT
Ms A Swamy Teacher - DT
Mr D Reuben Teacher - Art and Photography
Ms S Jennings Teacher - Art 
Mrs S Lee Teacher - Textiles / Art / Deputy SENDCo
Mrs P Gill Subject Leader - Computing & Business
Mr P Upstone Teacher - Computing
Ms F James Teacher - Business & Economics
Ms K Knecht Subject Leader -  English
Ms L Day  Teacher - English
Mr T Charles Teacher - English 
Ms L Jane Teacher - English 
Ms B Crighton Teacher - English 
Ms J Whiteside Teacher - English
Ms A Morozgalska Teacher - English
Mr D Hall Teacher - English
Mr B Dooley Teacher - Media Studies / English
Mr A St Louis-Laborde Teacher - English
Ms M Stearn Teacher - English
Mr P McGrath Subject Leader - RS / History
Mr A Manera Subject Leader - Geography
Mr P Browne Subject Leader - History
Ms H Pleavin Teacher - Geography / Head of 6th Form
Ms R Veysey Teacher - History / Politics
Mr J Rolfe Teacher - History / Philosophy / Head of Year 10
Mr J Jean Teacher - History / Philosophy
Ms J Jarman Teacher - Geography / History / Philosophy / Asst Head of Year 10
Ms J Mead Head of Department - Psychology / Sociology / Head of Year 11
Ms K Fitzsimons Teacher - Psychology / Sociology
Ms C McOwan Teacher - Philosophy / History
Ms S Green Subject Leader - MFL
Mr P Garrett Teacher - German / Head of Year 12 & 13
Mr F Hole Teacher - German / Head of Year 9
Ms D Wijesuriya Teacher - French & Spanish
Ms S Tate Teacher - French
Ms C Ezraty Teacher - French
Ms A Merrington Teacher - Latin
Ms C Harris Subject Leader - Maths
Ms N Jithoo Teacher - Maths
Ms G Karkhanis Teacher - Maths 
Mr A Gilmore Teacher - Maths
Ms L Gilling Teacher - Maths 
Ms I Kosch Teacher - Maths & Further Maths
Ms C Emmerton  Teacher - Maths & Further Maths
Mr D Stiles Teacher - Maths
Mrs F Shah Teacher - Maths
Mr M Leung Teacher - Maths
Ms B Nguyen Teacher - Maths
Mr L Webley Teacher - Maths / Computing
PE and Performing Arts
Ms R O'Hanlon Subject Leader - PE
Ms K Jenkinson Subject Leader - Drama / Head of Year 8
Mr W Cragg Subject Leader - Music
Mrs L Bowman Teacher - Music
Mr M Spyridakis Teacher - Music
Mr E Cartlidge-Llewellyn Teacher - PE
Mr G Salter  Teacher - PE 
Mr P Plowman Teacher - PE
Ms E Steer Teacher - PE / Science / Head of Year 7
Ms E Gabriel Head of Dance
Ms E Khurmy Teacher - Drama / Music
Ms H Vanterpool Teacher - PE
Mr J Taylor Subject Leader - Science
Mr D Knocker Subject Leader - Physics
Mr S Evans Teacher - Science
Mr T McCormick Teacher - Science
Ms M Barrow Teacher - Science (maternity leave)
Mr A Galbraith Teacher - Science
Ms G Johnstone Teacher - Science
Ms E Corcoran Teacher - Science
Mr S Landrum Teacher - Science
Mr D Hutchings Teacher - Science
Ms B Andreas Teacher - Science
Support Staff
Ms I Moore Data & Examinations Manager
Mrs S Baker  Attendance & Welfare Officer
Mrs K Bradstreet PA to Head / HR Officer
Ms S West Cover & Admissions Administrator
Ms S Cullen Receptionist / Administrator
Mrs A Shute Sixth Form Administrator
Ms E Morse-Woolford Admin Assistant
Ms S Ricker Library Coordinator
Mr I Parker  Finance Officer
Mr M Davies  Cover Supervisor
Mr E Holland Cover Supervisor
Mr A De Araujo ICT Technician
Ms K Archer SRP Lead
Ms N Gibbons Assistant to SENDCo
Ms N Harrison Pastoral Manager / Mental Heath Lead / Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms R O'Reilly Pastoral Leader
Mrs N Lainsbury Pastoral Leader
Mr R Romero Inclusion Support Worker
Ms T Best  Learning Support Assistant
Ms S Hooper Learning Support Assistant 
Mr Y Lazarides Learning Support Assistant 
Ms G Suarez Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Vennema-Osborne  Learning Support Assistant
Ms P Balboa Martinez Learning Support Assistant
Ms A Saperstein Learning Support Assistant
Ms N Jones Learning Support Assistant
Ms I Layton Learning Support Assistant
Ms M La Conca Learning Support Assistant
Ms K Leigh Learning Support Assistant
Ms M Saad Learning Support Assistant
Mr N Lamy Learning Support Assistant
Ms A Blundell Specialist Support Tutor
Mr E Troy Specialist Support Tutor
Mr W Page Premises Assistant
Mr P Chidolue Premises Assistant
Ms H Zscheyge Premises Administrator
Mrs S Davison Art and Display Technician
Mr A Wade Design Technology Technician
Mr W Cheung Lead Science Technician
Ms A Bedale Science Technician
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