Extra-Curricular at Teddington School

 At Teddington School teachers, parents and students all believe in creating opportunities beyond the curriculum set by the government.

Whilst we are proud of our examination results, we know that those alone do not make for a well-rounded person; we are committed to developing the whole child. As this is one of our core philosophies at Teddington School, we expect every child to attend at least one extra-curricular activity per term as laid out in our Home School Agreement.

We have worked hard over the last academic year to improve what we can offer our children at Teddington School. The area of extra-curricular activities will continue to grow and hopefully with your support and encouragement our students will share many happy memories, learn new skills and grow into interested and interesting people.

Why do Extra-Curricular Activities?

  • To encourage a pride in being part of Teddington School
  • To develop friendships across the school community and support children to build a circle of peers who share a common interest/hobby/goal
  • To promote a healthy balance between school and life and complement and extend the statutory curriculum by providing opportunities to develop new skills which could offer an insight into possible career choices or life-time hobbies
  • To offer a balanced and relevant selection of activities.

The Benefit to Students

  • The opportunity to explore and try out new activity which is not already catered for via home life
  • Students participating in extra-curricular activities tend to have better grades and a more positive attitude to school as well as learning 
  • To learn time management and prioritising aspects of their lives learning about long term commitments 
  • 30 per cent of job applications as well as UCAS applications should be about extra-curricular activities. An interesting activity will help them stand out.

Sports Activities

The school runs competitive teams in all major sports, both after school and on occasional Saturdays. All students take part in regular inter-house competitions as part of the PE curriculum; they are encouraged to reach their highest possible potential and to enjoy taking part by providing them with every opportunity to develop their skills and expertise. Full details of the PE curriculum and the examinations that we offer can be found within the curriculum section of this website.

We always look to offer a comprehensive and exciting range of extra-curricular sports clubs from rugby to dance to volleyball to rowing. Run by either our own staff or outside coaches, these clubs are open to all.  Alongside this we work with sports clubs and organisations such as Richmond Knights Basketball Club, All England Lawn Tennis Association, Teddington Antlers Rugby, the Boathouse at Lensbury and Teddington Hockey Club to extend both the range of sports on offer as well as specialist coaching time.  We are pleased to announce that we have now become a Middlesex Cricket Hub School.  This will involve the school PE team working with Middlesex Cricket to increase regular, enjoyable and sustained participation in cricket for young people (aged 11 - 16 years), and to improve pathways from school to club cricket.

Please note that satellite clubs are run by some of our school sports linked clubs and are open to students from all schools in the Borough of Richmond. We advertise these clubs to enable the students to have access to further extra-curricular opportunities and these have proven to be successful in the past. In some cases a payment will be required for these clubs but all details can be requested from the coach at the session as the school do not have any input into the running or organisation. This also means that we will not be using these sessions to select school teams.

Our core ethos of ‘sport for all’ and our belief that sport will have a positive influence on every student at Teddington School means that whether you’re an aspiring international or just want to play sport as part of a healthy lifestyle we have something to offer you.

Extra-Curricular Sports Activities Summer 2021Extra-Curricular Activities Summer 2021


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