Show My Homework is our new and easy way for students and families to find out about homework instructions and deadlines set by teachers at Teddington School. 

All students will receive their login details at the start of the school year. They take the form of the student’s school Gmail account details (username and password). 

To login to Show My Homework, click here.

As a family, it is important that you are able to support your child’s homework completion; vital when you consider that homework can add significant progress to a child’s learning. Knowing when your child has homework and encouraging them to complete it can help them to develop and improve their independence and organisation. In the long run, this will provide them with greater opportunities as they progress through their education. 

You can review submission dates and monitor what’s due from a distance: staying in the loop without being intrusive, enjoying peace of mind and never having to deal with last minute homework concerns again. Furthermore, if your child is absent from school, they will have access to the homework set in that lesson and can use this to catch up on their missed learning. 

As a family, when you login you will be able to adjust your settings so as to receive notifications on your smartphone when homework is set, or receive a weekly homework summary via email on Friday at the end of school. 

If you have forgotten your password, please see ICT support in the library.

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