A Level Results 2020 / ALPS Score

A Level Results 2020 and ALPS Score

Year 13 Grades 2020
A* - A  33%
A* - B  60%
A* - C 87%

Alps certificate

ALPS – A level Performance Indicator

What does it mean?

ALPs is a simple, student focused system designed to support schools at KS5 in ensuring their students make the best possible progress.  It is a measure of student progress from their GCSE KS4 starting point.

At KS5 each student is given a set of targets for their A levels by using the GCSE data.  The target is the ‘minimum’, meaning students can and are encouraged to go beyond these targets.  The judgements are visually given in the form of a thermometer and are measured against national benchmarks and against other similar schools nationally. 




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