Head of Year 7 Welcome

Welcome to you and your family to Teddington School. It is with great enthusiasm that I take on the role of guiding your child through their transition from Primary to Secondary school. As parents, I recognise that your primary concern is your child's happiness and security, and I take it upon myself to ensure they experience just that. My goal is to see each student in my year group emerge from Teddington School as resilient and confident individuals, equipped with a wide range of skills and values that will not only benefit them but also contribute positively to society as they pursue their future ambitions.

Right from the first day, your child will be well-informed about our expectations concerning learning and effort. We are indeed fortunate to have a team of experienced teachers at Teddington School who take immense pride in nurturing students to reach their full potential. Our teachers work tirelessly to ensure each student becomes an integral part of our Teddington community, and your child's cooperation in embracing this work ethic is central to our collective success. Our commitment is rooted in our three core values: inclusion, opportunity, and excellence.

Central to my personal philosophy and the school's ethos is the importance of good manners and respect for all. I'm sure you'll agree that a well-mannered individual is highly esteemed, irrespective of their academic prowess. Every member of the Teddington School staff shares these high expectations, and in return, we expect students to exhibit determination and commitment across all subject areas, including punctual attendance.

Teddington School offers a wealth of opportunities, including academic, creative, sporting, and new experiences that will undoubtedly pave the way for your child's success and seamless integration into our community. Our four pillars underpin every facet of our school and are designed to foster a positive experience for your child. We firmly believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals and, therefore, actively encourage their involvement while providing numerous avenues for such engagement.

I look forward to meeting our new Year 7 students at our upcoming Open Evening and the subsequent Open Mornings.

Miss E Steer

Head of Year 7

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