Ms K Pacey
The Leadership Team
Ms K Barham Deputy Head (on maternity leave)
Mr P Wragg Deputy Head
Mr C Daniel Business Manager
Mr K Campbell                              Assistant Head / Head of Sixth Form
Ms N Green Assistant Head / Head of Inclusion
Ms A McGrandles Assistant Head
Mr P McGrath Assistant Head / GDPR Lead
Ms K Corrigall Assistant Head
Ms R Foley Associate Assistant Head / SL Science
Teaching Staff
Art and Design Technology
Mr T Cao Subject Leader - Art and Photography
Mrs R Zebrowski Subject Leader - DT
Mrs M Bassett Teacher - DT
Mr D Houghton Teacher - DT
Ms A Swamy Teacher - DT
Ms S Reidy Teacher - Art
Mr D Reuben Teacher - Art and Photography
Mrs P Gill Subject Leader - Computing & Business
Mr P Upstone Teacher - Computing
Ms R Aggarwall Teacher - Business
Mrs H Yarker Subject Leader -  English
Ms L Day  Teacher - English
Mr G Howard  Teacher - English 
Ms L Turner Teacher - English 
Ms J Whiteside Teacher - English
Ms A Morozgalska Teacher - English
Ms T Balepo Teacher - English 
Mr J Golding Teacher - English / Head of Year 10
Mr K Campbell Teacher - Media & Film Studies
Ms N Fenton Subject Leader - RS
Mr A Manera Subject Leader - Geography
Ms E Giles Subject Leader -  History
Ms L Eastham Subject Leader -  Psychology 
Ms H Pleavin Teacher - Geography / Head of Year 7
Mr J Shackleton  Teacher - Geography
Mr C Connolly-Leach Teacher - History
Ms R Veysey Teacher - History / Politics
Mr J Robinson Teacher - RS
Ms N Pollard Teacher - PSHCE / Head of Year 8
Ms S Green Subject Leader - MFL
Mr P Garrett Teacher - German / Head of Year 11
Mr F Hole Teacher - German / Assistant Head of Year 7
Ms D Wijesuriya Teacher - French & Spanish
Ms S Tate Teacher - French
Ms A Merrington Teacher - Latin
Ms I Kosch Subject Leader - Maths
Ms N Jithoo Teacher - Maths
Ms G Karkhanis Teacher - Maths 
Ms H Parkinson-McKevitt Teacher - Maths
Mr A Gilmore Teacher - Maths
Mr F Mojid Teacher - Maths & Economics
Mr R Thorne  Teacher - Maths / Head of Year 9
Ms C Harris  Teacher - Maths & Further Maths
Ms C Emmerton  Teacher - Maths & Further Maths
PE and Performing Arts
Ms M Metcalfe Subject Leader - PE
Ms K Jenkinson Subject Leader - Drama
Mr W Cragg Subject Leader - Music
Mrs L Bowman Teacher - Music
Ms R Wright Teacher - Music
Mr O Duke Teacher - Music
Ms A McGrandles Teacher - PE / Assistant Head
Mr G Salter  Teacher - PE 
Mr S Willis Teacher - PE
Ms R O'Hanlon Teacher - PE
Ms R Foley Subject Leader - Science
Mr D Knocker Subject Leader - Physics
Mr J Taylor Subject Leader - Biology 
Mr S Evans Teacher - Science
Mr P Gunn Teacher - Science
Mr W Taylor Teacher - Science 
Ms M Barrow Teacher - Science
Mr O Duke Teacher - Science
Mr A Galbraith Teacher - Science
Ms G Johnstone Teacher - Science
Support Staff
Mr C Daniel Business Manager
Ms H Walsby Business Support Officer
Ms J Hamadou Examinations Officer / Data Manager 
Mrs S Baker  Attendance & Welfare Officer
Mrs K Bradstreet PA to Head / HR Coordinator
Ms S West Cover & Admissions Administrator
Mrs N Hatcher Finance Officer
Ms A Farragher Receptionist / Administrator
Ms K Hill Sixth Form Administrator
Ms S Wallman Library Coordinator
Mr M Davies  Cover Supervisor
Mr H Jones Cover Supervisor
Dr E Hui Network Manager
Ms J Ostashuk ICT Technician 
Mr A De Araujo ICT Technician
Ms N Harrison Senior Pastoral Support Manager
Ms T Leggatt Pastoral Support Manager
Mrs S Phillips Pastoral Support Manager
Ms H Crocker SENCo
Ms K Archer Deputy SENCo
Ms C Hurrell Assistant to SENCo
Ms T Best  Learning Support Assistant
Ms S Hooper Learning Support Assistant 
Mr Y Lazarides Learning Support Assistant 
Ms G Suarez Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Vennema-Osborne  Learning Support Assistant
Ms P Balboa Martinez Learning Support Assistant
Ms A Saperstein Learning Support Assistant
Ms J Sarai Learning Support Assistant
Mr D Chatfield Premises Manager
Mr L Joseph Premises Assistant
Ms J Jeffrey Domestic Assistant
Mrs S Davison Art and Display Technician
Mr A Wade Design Technology Technician
Mr T Walsh Science Technician
Mr S Vidal Science Technician
Mr O Duke Science Technician
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